Talent Acquisition

  • Hira™ is an artificial intelligence (AI) that will converge and streamline the efforts of Human Resources units across the region.


  • Hira™ parses thousands of CVs over a short period of time and analyzes all available data about the candiates work, education and other publicly available information about the candidate to determine the candidate's fit for the job.


  • Cut the cost of aquiring the best people.
  • Our subscription based service plans give organizations the power of AI recruitment, regardless of size.

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How Hira Works

CV Submission

Candidates visit Hira™ website to submit their CVs.

Submit job requirements

Recruiters create job requirements and send them to Hira™ through locally hosted recruitment module.

Hira shortlists candidates

Hira™ parses CVs and selects the best candidates for the job. Shortlist sent back to the recruiter

Recruiter receives shortlist

Recruiter receives a shortlist of qualified candidates for the vacancy.